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Street Trees

Here at Tall Trees we’re constantly testing and trialing our growing methods and we’re confident that we grow the best quality Street Trees possible. Street Trees in melboune are under more scrutiny than ever with increasing pressure from councils and developers to grow trees that they are confident from defects and future issues, and we’re acutely aware of what is required to meet the rigid quality controls imposed by such bodies.

We’ve moved all of our street tree growing to Air Root Pruned rocket pots, which is a vastly superior method for developing a healthy root ball, which is the entire support structure for a tree. The Air Root Pruning method ensures the absence of root girdling, which is a major cause for tree defects and failure in maturity. These pots guide the roots to holes in the pot wall that expose the roots to air, which prunes the roots in an outward facing manor, with no flat surfaces for the roots to grow around the root ball.

It’s no good using air root pruning if you have girdled roots from the early developmental stages of a tree, that is why we also direct seed our Street Tree Seedlings into an Air Root pruning S10-20 pot, this way at no stage during the development of a future street tree, has it ever met with a rigid wall pot.

Street Trees are our specialty here at Tall Trees, and we think we’ve gotten pretty good at it, and the arborists and council inspectors tend to agree with us. We know there isn’t one particular variety of tree that suits all Street Tree Plantings, that’s why we grow all of the historically best performing Street Trees, including but not limited to;

Eucalyptus Varieties including;
– Leucoxylon varieties
– Mannifera
– Mellidodora
– Pauaciflora
– Polyanthemos
– Scoparia
– Sideroxylon
Corymbia varieties such as
– Ficifolia (grafted)
– Citriodora
– Scentous
– Eximia
– Pyrus
– Ulmus
– Lagerstroemias
– Fraxinus
– Agonis
– Callistemons
– Leptospermums
– Tristaniopsis

So it doesn’t matter if you’re planting out your nature strip, A park or an entire housing development. When quality is crucial, Tall Trees is your best option for Street Trees in Melbourne. We have an excellent track record and a multitude of examples of our street trees in situ. We’ve got you covered.