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Ready Right Now June 2017

All the leaves are brown.

Winter is here, although to be truthful it feels like it’s been here for the last 2 months! Whilst the weather is a little grey, we have some incredible stock at the moment full of colour and looking amazing. We are heading into the peak period for Landscapers making use of the rain and softer conditions so trees are flying out the gate at the moment. But there is still some incredible trees to be found here in the nursery, here’s a few looking particularly healthy at the moment.


The one and only, indoor sensation, Fiddle Leaf Fig. We have a very limited number of these gorgeous trees in 40cm pots. (size shown by our handsome apprentice Vaughan)

Peppercorn Tree (Schinus Molle)

We have the Shinus Molle available in a variety of sizes at the moment, and all are looking incredible. Especially the 90lt pots (pictured)

Ficus ‘Flash’ (ficus microcarpa hillii ‘Flash’)

One of the most popular hedging plants that we grow, a resilient tree that grows almost anywhere. The compact growth habit of ficus flash makes it an excellent instant hedge, we currently have high quality ficus flash in 40cm, 50cm and 90Lt (pictured) containers.

Agonis After dArk (Agonis flexuosa after dark)

We have some incredible 30cm (pictured) and 45Lt Agonis After dark. A beautiful small tree with striking purple foliage, perfect for some contrast in the garden. Can also make a stunning unique screen if pruned regularly.

Ficus Lyrata 40cm
40cm Ficus Lyrata
Schinus Molle
90Lt Schinus Molle
ficus flash 90
90Lt Ficus Flash
agonis after dark 30
30cm Agonis After Dark










For any further information on any of the products above, or for any other species you might be chasing, please don’t hesitate to give one of our extrememly friendly sales staff a call on (03) 5983 0166 or shoot us an email info@talltrees.com.au

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