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Native Trees, Shrubs, and More in Melbourne

Always in vogue, Native Gardens are not only stylish but low maintenance, drought tolerant and a striking solution for those ‘sometimes’ gardeners. Here at Tall Trees we grow a huge range of natives for any type of aesthetic. We grow natives in all sizes ranging from 140mm pots up to 100Lt in some varieties.

Groundcovers include plants like myoporum, grevillea, westringia, dichondra, scaevola, native violets and more.

Small Native shrubs like westringia, correa, dwarf callistemon and dwarf grevillea, goodenia, hardenbergia, rhagodia and leucophyta.

Grassesincluding many forms of lomandra, dianella and poa.

Trees such as callistemon, banksia, eucalytpus, corymbia, acacia, agonis, leptosperumum and melaleuca.

We also grow the Ozbreed® range of Native grasses and shrubs, which offers forms of native favourites with improvements like; denser growing habits, higher drought tolerance and cleaner foliage. There is a huge range to select from, more information can be found on the Ozbreed® website.

No matter what the size, height, colour or functionality, we will have a solution for your native garden. In additional to the maintenance and water saving benefits from having a Native Garden, you will also experience stunning floral displays that, if designed well, should provide colour all year long from one plant or another. Your garden will also become a haven for local birds and other native fauna. For further information about native plants we grow for Melbourne conditions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our helpful team on (03) 5983 0166 or info@talltrees.com.au